Alanya's beauty is waiting to be discovered…

Alanya's beauty is waiting to be discovered...

Alanya is one of the most lively and cosmopolitan cities in all of Turkey, offering a mix of modern Europe and traditional Turkey and Alanya was a famous pirate center named Korakesion during the Roman era.

As a tourist, you can find everything you can imagine for an ideal holiday all year round. Alanya offers numerous alternatives with its authentic, natural and cultural texture. Go exploring in the mountains, explore the mysteries of the Dim Cave, take a ride in the ropeway up to the castle and walk down along the castle with a lovely view of the Mediterranean or swim in the bay where Cleopatra herself swam and sunbathed. Alanya, which is the perfect holiday paradise, has the most beautiful wide beaches and you can always enjoy a sea - mountain view from the many hotels along the coast or from your own apartment when you get there.

If you are not into sea, sand and mountains, you can always shop in Alanya's streets and shopping centres, where you will find everything from branded goods to antiques. The world-renowned Turkish cuisine is one of the best cuisines out there and in Alanya you can taste all the Turkish delights. Visit one of the many restaurants, fish restaurants or cafes and let your taste buds loose while you dream on to your next activity during your holiday in Alanya.

At first glance:

Location: Eastern Mediterranean coast

Coastline length: 78 km

Sunny days: 300+

Average summer temperature: 30C

Average winter temperature: 15C

Tourist visits: 2.1 million (2018)

Official population: 264,000